Back in Aurora

Hey guys!!

It seems like this library just has a horrible connection today, so it’s taken me like an hour to read my emails because the computer keeps having to restart, so we’ll see how this goes!

I love being back in Aurora:) It’s a better part of town than I was in last time, but still Aurora! We’re teaching a lot of people here which is really great:) My favorite family is the Sandovals. It’s a mom, dad, 13-year-old girl, and two little kids. The dad, Willis, is not a member, and the mom has been less-active most of her life. The 13-year-old, Kendall, has been more active than her family for a few years. About a month ago they started having the missionaries over, and now Willis is going to be baptized on the 21st!! He is SO EXCITED and every time we go over, he basically teaches us. And Sister Sandoval has returned to activity and is the sweetest woman ever and I love her so much!!! And Kendall is just a boss and I’m working on winning the two little ones’ affection.

We’re also teaching a guy named Tom whose wife is an active member. He’s the type who likes to know EVERYTHING–every little detail–so we’re trying to help him feel the Spirit and know that that’s enough to recognize that this is true:) He’s such an awesome guy though and so is his wife!

Okay it’s about to restart…


Sister Stratford:)