2017, Here We Come!

Hey everyone!


Whew so much has happened this week that I feel like it’s been a year since I last wrote!!

First of all, Christmas Eve I found out I would be transferred to Aurora and my new companion would be Sister Williams! I knew I would be leaving since I’d been in Arvada so long, but it was still bittersweet.

Christmas was amazing!! Sister Griner and I opened presents under our little tree Hector and then I got to Skype my family!! It was a three-way thing since my brother is a missionary in Spain, and it worked surprisingly well:) Then we went to the home of a family in the ward for Christmas breakfast of French toast and bacon and it was delicious:) Then church! It was so special to get to go to church on Christmas and take the sacrament to remember Christ and all He has done and continues to do for me.


Tuesday we basically ran around all day and taught EVERYBODY since I wanted to see them before I left haha. And guess what? Sister Griner did a beautiful thing and put one of our investigators on date for baptism at the end of January!!! So that was super exciting:) And we also taught Debi and Danny. That goodbye was definitely a hard one, but I’ll stay in touch with them!

1489Wednesday was lots of craziness with transfers! I’m going to miss Sister Griner so much!! She’s the best and I love her to the moon and back!!! And I’m going to miss my Colorado mountains, but at the same time it felt a little like coming home driving back to Aurora:) I love this place a lot! I’m in a different part of the city than I was last time, a little less sketch but still definitely Aurora haha. And Sister Williams is awesome! She’s a fantastic missionary, plus she sings like an angel so I think I’ll make her sing for me all the time. Also she’s even older on the mission than me, meaning she goes home this transfer, so she makes me feel young.


We are teaching some amazing people here! There’s a man who has completely changed his life and is getting baptized on the 21st, and he’s incredible and his family is incredible and the family are already members and they’re going to be sealed together next year and I’m so excited!! And a bunch of other people who we’re going to help do the same thing:D

Oh guess what? We met a man from the Micronesian island of Chuuk!! I guess I can’t be in Aurora without teaching someone from Chuuk:D I should just learn the language at this point. We gave him a Chuukese Book of Mormon and he’s excited to read it and learn more!

1488Something I haven’t mentioned in my emails yet is that a couple of weeks ago, our mission took a challenge from President and Sister Mendenhall to read the Book of Mormon in 63 days. That is most scholar’s estimate of how long it took Joseph Smith to translate it. So that’s been a focus for all of us and it’s been a really neat experience:) I’m reading this time around with the purpose of studying the Atonement, and I’m only in Jacob and have already had so much new insight come from my studies. I love Jesus Christ and the most amazing gift of the Atonement. I am trying to use it more each day:)

So this year, read the Book of Mormon! In 63 days or not, just read it! I promise that as you read it sincerely, you will come closer to the Savior and better understand what He has done for you and what you can do for Him:) I love the Book of Mormon, and I love the Savior!

Happy 2017:)


Sister Stratford