Happy Halloween

Hey everyone,

Happy Halloween!!

A couple of quick highlights:

Debi’s friend committed to baptism!!! It will be in December and he’s really excited about it:) We’re trying to work with the ward really effectively to help him be ready! He has really strong faith in Christ and knows that this will help him follow the path God has for him. It’s so wonderful to see how Debi’s example is blessing those around her:)

Bunny in window well

One morning, we were down in the basement because that’s where we live, and we heard suspicious shuffling noises from the window. Upon further investigation, we found that a bunny had fallen into the window well and couldn’t get out! (It’s like 4 or 5 feet deep.) Luckily, with an old towel and a little ingenuity, we were able to get him out safely.

My Birthday flowers

Oh and I turned 21! Best part of the day? We were teaching an investigator who has been meeting with missionaries for about 5 months. We were

Birthday sparkling cider

talking about the Restoration again, and in the middle she exclaimed, “It’s all starting to make sense!” She then told us that it’s more appealing to her than it ever has been before and she’s really getting excited about it! Best birthday present ever:)



I just love being a missionary!!:)

Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Stratford



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