A Very Sweet Week

Hey everyone!

The annual “Everybody Give As Much Sugar To To Missionaries As You Possibly Can For Three Months” has officially begun! Brownies and cookies and Ben & Jerry’s, oh my! We’re starting to have to put goodies in the freezer to keep them good until we can re-gift them. So far I’ve avoided gaining 20 pounds (the average for sister missionaries), but I’ll have to stay vigilant.

Weather is still hot and sunny! I think the first snow last year was in October, but no sign of it yet. I’m soaking in the sun as much as I can until then:)

Last Monday we moved into another member family’s home since they rotate every couple of transfers. We live in the basement, where they have every type of school supply known to man and they said we can use anything we want so missionary life is about to get crafty!

A couple of weeks ago, a woman showed up at church with her member friend. So we introduced ourselves and she said she’d love to have us over! We had lunch with her this past Tuesday and started teaching her. She has incredible faith in Jesus Christ and is really excited about everything we teach:) It’s such a blessing to be able to work with her! Also it’s fun because she’s the type to get really passionate about her faith, kinda “praise the Lord!!” sort of thing:)

We had a super awkward lesson with one of our investigators. He kind of flirts, so we were passing him off to the YSA (young single adult) ward Elders. So it was like four missionaries and one investigator and none of us knew exactly who was supposed to be teaching… and we had planned to read with him in the Book of Mormon wherever he was at.. and it turned out he was at 1 Nephi 4… haha part way through reading, on of the elders asked, “so what are you getting from this so far?” and the investigator just said, “umm he had to take a man’s life…” Haha so it was an interesting lesson but it worked! I think YSA will be a good place for him.

This week we proved yet again President Uchtdorf’s “Fourth Floor, Last Door” principle! (I actually discovered it months ago and dubbed it “The Last Door Effect” or something like that and taught about it in a zone meeting:D). We were trying to visit someone, but they weren’t home, so we decided we should probably talk to a few of their neighbors. And we found a potential investigator! So I figured that was the reason we had come to that area, but then Sister Griner said, “Should we tract the other side of the street?” (I love greenie fire!) So we did, and what do you know, we found a new investigator at the very last door! Diligence brings miracles.

Here’s the talk, by the way. It’s amazing and everyone should read it:) https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/10/fourth-floor-last-door?lang=eng

Saturday was the ward Trunk or Treat party! Sister Griner and I were fairy princesses. SO many people came and it was just a blast:) And the highlight was when the family that we’re teaching English to came! They want to get more involved with the community, so we invited them, and they had a really fun time and met lots of people and it was great:)

So it was a fun week! I’m so so grateful to be here:) There are just amazing experiences all the time as a missionary that help me learn and grow and see God’s hand working in the lives of His children!

Have a fantastic week!


Sister Stratford




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