Hey everyone,

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this week but life is good!

First of all, I’m training! Meet my wonderful new companion Sister Griner (that’s a long i there, not Grinner)

sisstratford-griner(The one in the middle is Malcolm. We think we should be in a trio.)

She’s from Tucson Arizona (is that how you spell it?) and has seen snow twice. The Colorado winter usually starts somewhere in October so she’s just in time!:D Also she bakes so I’m exercising a little harder in preparation for this transfer.

This week we’ve been getting her all settled in. The MTC is great, but nothing can truly prepare you for coming out and just doing some real missionary work:) So we’ve been talking to lots of people and teaching and introducing her to the ward and it’s busy but good!

I think it was on Friday but we were tracting and met this man who was fixing the road, and we started talking to him and he has an amazing story! He’s had lots of background as a teacher on the reservations in Arizona, and we told him about the Book of Mormon and how the people in it are ancestors of the Native American people and he thought it was so amazing! He told us he would read it and would even come to our church:) He lives outside the area, but still!

Something else cool with that experience- I was reaching into my bag to give him a pamphlet about the Restoration, but for some reason I decided on a Plan of Salvation one instead. And right after we gave it to him, he started talking about how his wife just passed away. Heavenly Father really knows His children and is looking out for them!

We also had another English lesson with the family in Jordan. We started using a really great program that the Church has for teaching English as a second language! Also since we won’t let them pay us, they bought us pumpkins:)

On Sunday we had our last church meeting outside our mission boundaries. This Sunday is the Fort Collins temple dedication, and the next Sunday we’ll be meeting in the ward’s normal building in Arvada. Our limited mile allotment will appreciate it!

I’m really excited for the dedication! I’ve only seen one before. Sister Griner has seen three so she’s a pro at this.

That’s pretty much it! Hope y’all have a wonderful week:D


Sister Stratford


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