Note from Jenny:  If this feels a little choppy it’s my fault.  I think she ran out of time for the group email, so here are some excerpts from the family email.


Hey guys!

Transfers are this week! Sister Johnson is leaving and I’m staying. And we’re both training new missionaries straight from the MTC! It’s going to be fun! Also we’re getting a Jeep:D (Well, Sister Johnson isn’t. She’s on bike haha!)

Drawing by Sister Johnson

We watched conference at the church for most of the sessions, but for Sunday morning we watched it with the members we live with and had a yummy breakfast with them (cinnamon rolls and bacon).  Debi, who was baptized two months ago, already loves Elder Holland. She calls him “Prophet Holland.” 🙂


Regarding teaching English to the family from Jordan:

Yes, the church has an English program! I think it’s called “Ye Shall Have My Words.” We haven’t used it yet because we’ve been working more with the kids who are more advanced (they mostly just want pronunciation help), but we want to use the program with the mom.


Half the Avon bottles we’re cleaning

Advice to Jacob and a little window into the mind of a missionary:

Referrals can be hard! One thing I like to do is ask for specific referrals, like asking if there’s anyone they know who would need a prayer, or service, or anyone who moved in recently. And a great way is to teach them, for example about the Plan of Salvation and how we receive hope from it, and then ask if there’s someone who needs to hear that message. So like after teaching an investigator, ask if they know someone who needs that specific message. And the key is to do it when they’re still feeling the Spirit. Don’t just tack it on right before the closing prayer. And you can even use that principle when you’re contacting. Just start teaching right away, and whether or not they’re interested you can ask if there’s anyone else they know who needs to hear it. And with members, you can get creative with asking who they know who just started a new job, or just had a baby, or just lost someone close to them. And even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working to ask for referrals, keep asking everyone because you never know! Haha sorry this is long. Hope it helps!

Pictures of beautiful Arvada:

I actually talk about earthquakes quite often because Sister Johnson and I compare natural disasters. She’s like, “eh, tornadoes” and I’m scared of them, and I’m like “eh, earthquakes” and she’s terrified of them. She’s a true Texan.

I love you all!! Wish me luck with training! I’ll be picking her up from the mission office on Wednesday:)


Sister Stratford






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