Random Week

Hey everyone,

It was kind of a random week but a good one!

Embracing Fall

We had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. She is really having trouble receiving answers to her prayers about if this is the right path for her, and she’s been getting kind of frustrated about it. So we went over and brought a member with us and taught the Plan of Salvation about how we’re Heavenly Father’s children and He wants to talk to us and then the member said something I loved. She talked about how she knelt down and asked Heavenly Father how He speaks to her personally. And from that, she was able to start learning how to receive answers:) I think all of us should do that at some point in our lives! It’s so crucial to our happiness here to be able to communicate with our Father in Heaven.

Companionship inventory: drawing each other without looking at the board

A couple of weeks ago, a member asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to her friends who came to the temple open house. So we went by this week to follow up and she was talking about how she wants to share the gospel with them so much because she loves them and loves the gospel, but she never went on a mission and felt like she didn’t know what to do. But she told us that she was praying hard that she would recognize promptings from the Spirit and know how to act on them. We gave her some more ideas, but we told her that she’s already doing the most important thing! That really is the trick- follow the Spirit:)

Me and Sister Johnson

We’ve been doing service for a 90-something-year-old couple. The wife is a member, husband is not. He has an impressive Avon perfume bottle collection. Like over a hundred probably. When we first met them, his wife exclaimed, “Oh we’ve been waiting for sisters for so long! We have a project that’s just not for elders.” So we are meticulously washing and arranging each unique piece. It’s actually pretty fun because they’re all sorts of different types- trains and cars and cowboy boots and such. We’re almost halfway through haha but it’s going to take a while!

On Tuesday night we met a family who was outside cleaning their car. Turns out they just moved from Jordan (the country, not Jordan Utah) and so now we’re giving them English lessons! They’re so great and the kids are just the cutest:) So that’s exciting!

McDonald’s sundaes after Women’s Conference

General Women’s Conference on Saturday was so amazing! I loved President Utchdorf’s talk about faith. I loved the story he told about the missionaries who were tracting an apartment building trying to share the gospel. No one on the first floor was interested. But they kept going. No one on the second floor was interested. But they kept going. No one on the third floor was interested. But they kept going! And no one on the fourth and final floor was interested until the very last door. And the girl behind that door was President Utchdorf’s future wife:) It was amazing to hear that story because in my studies I’ve been focusing on the Christlike attribute of diligence. So I’m going to make sure I always go to the fourth floor, last door. We really need to keep going even when things are rough because that’s when we show our faith. That’s when Heavenly Father can truly bless us with increased strength and faith and hope!

Sister’s fireside to talk about the temple open house (and the miracles!)

Hope you all have a wonderful week:)


Sister Stratford



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