Be a Shiblon

Hey everyone,

Avengers Pop Tarts!

This week we had a car fast on Tuesday. Basically we couldn’t drive from 10:30am to 5pm, so it was good to walk around a little more than normal and talk to lots of people:) And we had a few miracles! For one thing we were able to teach a man from West Africa who we’d met before, but this time we had a French Book of Mormon for him and he loved it! (We were able to give him a French pamphlet about the Restoration yesterday too!) We also found a park that’s great for talking to lots of people:) Also it has great quotes on signs around the park. At one point of the day, we had been tracting an apartment complex but we felt like it wasn’t quite right. So we were praying and talking about what to do when the door next to us opened and out came a less-active member we hadn’t seen in a while! She was going out to walk her dog, but she was having a hard week and was so excited to see us and wanted a lesson so we were able to teach her about the Holy Ghost and it really helped her! So it was a good day:)

I’m running out of time but you should all go read Alma 38 in the Book of Mormon. It’s the prophet Alma’s advice to his son Shiblon. It’s really short but really powerful! I think of Shiblon as a guy who just did the right thing and didn’t want people really notice or give him credit for it but he did it anyway. I drew a picture of him.


Have a great week!


Sister Stratford


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