Back to Normal?

Hey everyone,

Well, the temple open house is over! Our last days were Thursday and Friday, and the last day of the open house was Saturday. It was sad to leave.

dscn08811One nice experience was on Friday. I took a older couple’s picture, and they were both members and had just gone through the tour. Instead of just moving on, I felt like I should stop and talk to the wife who was resting on her walker. Her name was Helen. It was her first open house, and she was touched by the Spirit. We talked for a minute or two about nothing too exciting, just that the temple was beautiful and we were happy to have one here in Fort Collins.

The members from Ft. Collins made a ton of amazing quilts that are displayed throughout the meetinghouse.


But before we parted ways, she took my hands and told me she was so glad to meet me and that I’d made her day! It was such a little thing to talk to her, but it really meant something to her. It just made me think about how we have countless little opportunities like that in our lives. And we have to take those opportunities if we want to be like Christ! I love the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She touched Christ’s clothes and was instantly healed because of her faith. Christ could have just kept going, but He stopped and showed her that He noticed her and cared about her. Because really, those little things are the big things in the end.

At the temple with Pres. and Sister Mendenhall
When our shift was over, we were able to go through the temple one last time, and the mission president and wife came too so that was pretty awesome. It was in the afternoon, and the only other times we’ve gone through have been at night after the last tour. So this time we got to actually see the other people touring it with us, many of them non-members. Most of them looked pretty awe-struck. It was cool to see:)


Then we just tried to go back to normal missionary life! Saturday was pretty crazy though– we were arriving at an investigator’s apartment for a lesson when she texted us that she was on her way to the ER. So we went to go give another investigator and give her a little gift, but she was outside talking to a bunch of police officers so we didn’t stop. Then we went to visit a member and she started sobbing. All within an hour. So yeah, we’re definitely going to keep busy even without the open house:)

The life of open house sisters (I’m laughing at them and eating flan)

Hope you all have a good week full of wonderful little things:)



Sister Stratford



A lady at the open house got cool self-defense stuff for all the sister missionaries. So now I have pepper spray and an awesome weapon thing to hit people with. Mine are pink and purple. Sister Johnson’s are ninja. (She got there first.)


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