Wait Where Did August Go? Like Really?

Hey everyone,

Not a long email today, but it was a great week!

Still working at the temple, still loving it, still lots of spiritual experiences happening there!

We introduced Debi (we just found out she spells it this way. awk.) to family history and she loves it! The family history coordinator in our ward is helping her find information about her birth family and they’ve found some cool things:) The Spirit of Elijah is REAL.

Had a neat lesson with an investigator. We’ve been trying and trying to get her to come to church. Finally for this lesson, we just focused on listening to her and understanding her needs. Then our member who was with us bore his testimony of how coming to church had helped him with those specific things. By the end she committed herself to come! (Then she got sick on Saturday night and couldn’t come to church, but at least it’s a step in the right direction!)

We also did some service helping an investigator clean out her garage. (It was actually really fun. Mom, Dad, when I get home I’m cleaning ours.) A couple of weeks before, we had invited her to the temple open house, and she seemed mildly interested. But this week as we were cleaning and talking with her, she said she showed the invitation to her friend and she really wanted to go, so now they’re going together!:)

We also got followed by a random lady, and it ended up in a high-speed car chase and a trip to the police station. But we’re safe and it’s a good story so we’re happy.

Well I hope all of you have a great week! Christ is our Savior, the gospel is true, and this is His work:)


Sister Stratford

P.S. From Emily’s mom:  She told us the whole story hinted at above, so here’s a little more in case you’re interested.  They were tailed aggressively by a woman with questionable motives for some time through residential streets and on the freeway.  They called their missionary leaders and 911 during that time.  She finally left when they drove to a police station.  Then they hopped back in their car and went to work at the temple open house.  We’re very thankful that they’re safe!  Always remember to pray for the missionaries!


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