Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey everyone!

Whew this week was busy and I don’t even know what we were running around doing the whole time but it must have been important!

Debbie’s still doing great! Something she was talking about this week was how free she feels now. She said lots of people think that keeping commandments and living according to Christ’s gospel is restrictive, but really it helps us have true freedom. And that’s so true! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what choices us will help us reach our potential and which ones will keep us from reaching it. And that’s why we have commandments! It’s so cool to see Debbie realizing this:)

So you know how we were staying with a family in the ward who treated us like princesses? Well their daughter just got back from a mission and they have a bunch of family in town, so for about a week we’ve been living with a cute older couple in the ward. (We’re going back tomorrow) They have one princess bed and then we brought in one missionary bed. Unfortunately, the missionary bed turned out to be a box spring. And the little bed frame thing it goes on is tiny, so the box spring just balances precariously on it and wobbles when you move. Sister Johnson and I decided to switch off, but then she realized she wants to tell her family that I’m torturing her so she took it the whole week and pushed me off every time I tried to sleep on it. #CompUnity 😀

I found a new hero this week. It’s a woman in the ward, a mom with young kids, and she has cancer. She hasn’t made it to church in a while because of it. We were able to meet her and talk with her for a good while. And let me tell you, Sister Johnson and I walked out of there knowing that we had just learned way more from her than she had learned from us. Cancer is trying to take over her life, but she won’t let it. She’s one of the funniest and happiest people I’ve ever met! Her testimony is beautiful, but she didn’t share it in words so much as in the way she looks at life. She knows the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and she knows how to use it. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to learn from her!

Yesterday was very very long and spiritually exhausting but in the best way possible! First we spoke in church. I talked about how important it is to feed Christ’s sheep, and Sister Johnson talked about taking Christ’s name upon us and staying true to it. Then Cami, the daughter of the family we are normally staying with, gave her homecoming talk! We actually had to leave early because we had to drive to Broomfield, pick up some sisters there, and then drive to Fort Collins for a meeting about the temple open house.

Guess who I saw at the temple??? Sister Goldberg!!!! Man I love her 🙂 It was so good to get to see her!! She’s doing great and we’re both so excited to be a part of the open house!! (I was really really really hoping I’d get to see her! 🙂

Me and Sister Johnson

The temple is beautiful. It was my first time seeing it. It’s very unique (the roof is blue!) but still distinguishable as the house of the Lord. We were a little early, so we got to go explore the grounds. It was amazing because it felt like temple grounds even though it’s not dedicated yet! Then we had our meeting in the church building across the street. There were maybe 30 or 40 sisters from the Fort Collins mission there and 20 of us from the Denver North mission. And Elder Andersen of the Seventy was there! He talked about how we need to have the light of Christ’s gospel in our countenances as we help at the open house. And he said we need to remember two things for that to happen. First, speak from the heart. Second, love brings the Spirit. Basically we need to sincerely help people feel our love for them and the Savior’s love for them.

Me, Sister Goldberg, Sister Tolman (in our mission but she was in the same MTC district as Sister Goldberg), Sister Kaupert (Sister Goldberg’s companion)

Then Elder Andersen took us on a tour of the temple! And it was amazing! He took us through each of the rooms and taught us about the meaning. He even opened it up for questions and the Spirit was so strong as he was talking with us! I definitely spent a long time writing in my journal last night:)

I’ve been teaching and testifying about the temple for months now as I’ve been inviting people to the open house. I’ve talked about how the Spirit will be there. I’ve told people they will be able to feel God’s love for them there. And now I’ve finally been able to feel it as I walked through the temple myself. So much work has gone into the construction of this building, and now it’s almost ready to be dedicated as the house of the Lord. I’m so grateful for the opportunity so many people will have to walk through it and feel that Spirit before the dedication.

And the time is finally here!! The open house officially starts on Friday!

Debbie’s actually driving us to the Fort Collins temple today for a sneak peek open house for missionaries and people we’re teaching! And she’s bringing her neighbor, the same one she brought to church when she was confirmed! He’s seen how happy all of this is making her and wants to see for himself:) I’m so glad that both of them will be able to experience this!

So most likely this week will be super busy as well with the open house starting! But I am so excited!! I know that this is the Lord’s work and that it is moving forward!


Sister Stratford:)


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