The Work is Moving Forward

Hey y’all,

It was a very busy but exciting week here in Arvada! It started off great with interviews with President Mendenhall. He is so amazing and I know that the Lord called him here for a reason! And part of that reason is that Sister Mendenhall is wonderful and I love her so much and she’s just perfect:)

Sister Mendenhall told us some exciting news: Sister Johnson and I have been asked to participate in the Fort Collins temple open house!! We said yes, obviously:) We will be going up to Fort Collins to help out with introducing visitors to the temple and answering questions at the end of the tour:) I’m so excited!! We’ll probably be going up four or five different days to help out. We had a meeting with some of the other sisters in our mission who will be participating and got some special training on how to prepare. So we’ve been focusing a lot on the temple during our studies every morning, and it’s great because it helps us with the missionary work in our own area as well. We’ve been able to talk with the members a lot more about inviting people to the open house, and we ourselves have been inviting all the investigators and less-actives we’re working with. As I’m learning to explain the importance of the temple simply and clearly, my testimony of the beauty of its ordinances grows. The temple is really is a place where we can feel a bit of heaven is like:)

We had a cool experience this week. We were tracting, and not much was coming of it, but then we came to this woman who was working in her yard. We started talking to her, and when she found out we were missionaries she emphatically told us that she had lost her faith several years ago and wasn’t interested in what we had to share. We told her we understood, but we offered her help with her yard. She was so surprised that we wanted to help and didn’t even want to be paid for it. So she said we could come back the next day. So we went back (in jeans this time) and helped her with weeding for a good while. As we worked together, she just talked and talked. From little things she said, we knew that her faith wasn’t completely gone:) We were able to talk with her a little about God and even invited her to the temple open house! It was an amazing experience because we were able to show her that we really did care about her as we served her, and that’s when she opened up. We’re going back to finish working in the yard, and I’m excited to get to know her better and help her to little by little feel Heavenly Father’s love for her!

We’re still working with our investigator who really wants to be baptized! We’re planning for this Saturday. She’s so amazing and I’ve really seen a change in her from the time I met her a week and a half ago to now. It’s incredible. She’s been working really hard to keep the commandments, especially the Word of Wisdom, and there have been so many blessings. Heavenly Father loves her so much! She’s learning to recognize the Spirit, and it’s strengthened my testimony of doing the little things each day that help us stay close to the Spirit’s influence. She’s a wonderful example to me:) And it’s amazing how she can clearly see how Heavenly Father has been preparing her for her entire life to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. God loves each of His children, and He really is preparing each of them for the gospel!

Baptism_KeyzahMaryannRemember the two sisters from the Micronesian island of Chuuk, the ones I taught in Aurora with Sister Mitchell? Well, they were both baptized on Saturday!! Sister Johnson and I had the opportunity to go, and it was so wonderful!! They were really happy and the Spirit was so strong:) I’ve been thinking about them a lot. Sister Mitchell and I met them because we saw the older sister sitting on the curb looking sad, and we stopped to talk to her. And now look at what has come because of that! The promptings we receive from the Spirit are for a reason. The Lord wants to work through us. We just have to be receptive and have the determination to act on those promptings. And miracles will happen:)

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Stratford


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