Temples and Transfers

Hey everyone!

Lots of exciting things going on in Denver!!

First of all, I’m being transferred to Arvada! It’s by the mountains:) I’ll be in the Arvada 1st Ward, follow-up training Sister Johnson! She’s been out six weeks so far and is super awesome! It’ll be interesting because we’re sweeping in, which means neither of us will know what we’re doing, but it will be fun!:) I LOVE Aurora and am sad to be leaving the amazing people here, but I know that the Lord needs me in Arvada and I’m excited to go work hard and keep the gospel rolling forward!

In other news, our favorite Chuukese investigators are doing well! One of them has an adorable two-year-old girl, and after yesterday at church, she has the whole ward wrapped around her little finger:) Our mission president’s wife came to a lesson with them this week, and it was so fun! They are so excited to be baptized and are willing to do whatever the Lord requires:) It strengthens my faith see their testimonies and their strength!


The other thing we’ve been excited about is the Fort Collins temple! The open house goes from August 19 to September 10, and the dedication is October 16. Before temples are dedicated, people (including non-members) can go take a tour inside and see the different rooms and learn about the purposes of the temple. It’s really amazing:) The Fort Collins temple is a beautiful building and will bless so many people’s lives as the House of the Lord! One of the people who has been integral in the construction was speaking to us at a missionary meeting last Friday, and there have been many miracles with building this temple:) Some of the sisters in our mission will have the opportunity to help with the open house, so I hope I get to go:)  But either way, I’m excited!! Reservations for the open house are available starting today:)

The temple is so wonderful because it really shows what the gospel is all about: eternal families:) We are meant to live with Heavenly Father and our families after this life, so everything that Jesus Christ has always taught is to strengthen our families and help us achieve that goal! I’m so grateful for the temple and all that it represents. When families are sealed together in a temple of the Lord, it’s not “to death do us part.” It’s for time and all eternity:) And as we receive that blessing in the temple and then live our lives worthy of that each day, we will be able to be with our families forever!

I think it’s important to remember these things because sometimes we get caught up in things that don’t really matter in the long run. When we keep our lives centered on Christ and His gospel, on the temple, then we’ll turn out alright:)

To learn more about the temple, you can go to lds.org/church/temples 🙂

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Focus on the significant things in life by setting your sights on the temple:)

Sister Stratford:)


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