P1020425[1]Hi everyone!

This week was awesome! The highlight of course was that Laramie was baptized!!

Yay!!! It was such a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

Let me tell you, though, I have never had Satan try so hard to stop someone from being baptized! Basically in the 24 hours before she was baptized, all hell broke loose and Sister Mitchell and I had quite a time getting everything pulled together. First the time of the baptism had to be changed, and then the entire location (for a while we were wondering if we’d have to find a river or something), and then no one had keys to find the baptismal clothes, then our ward mission leader was out of town, then the baptismal interview almost didn’t happen, then Laramie couldn’t find the church, and basically it was a huge mess haha.

BUT then the baptism was *beautiful* and Laramie was just glowing so it was all good:) When she came out of that water, the Spirit filled me up and I completely forgot all the stress it had taken to get to that moment.

Moral of the story: trust the Lord. Even if you have no idea what’s going to happen or how, He has a plan. Just keep praying and doing all you can to do His will, and He’ll make sure it works out:)

And we even managed to have refreshments! (Who cares if there are no programs, right?)

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! Trust the Lord, and remember to focus on the things that really matter:)

Sister Stratford:)


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