Happy Father’s Day!!

Hey everyone

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! I’m so grateful for my dad:) He’s the best and I would not be the person I am today without his wonderful example and love:)

Today was kind of a crazy week but it was so good!

We have an investigator who has a sister who is a member of the church, so she’s been looking into it and coming to church and she loves the Spirit and everything in the gospel so much that she’s planning on getting baptized this Saturday!! She is the sweetest little woman ever. She’s from Hawaii and moved here a few months ago to be closer to her daughter and grandbabies. She really wants to bring up her grandbabies in the church:) So yeah we are working with her a lot lately and I love her so much!!

We’re teaching a less-active woman from Africa who is soo nice and she had us over for dinner last week for some delicious African food. Yesss.

We have another investigator who used to be high all the time, but now when we teach her, she just cries the whole time about how good she feels when we come over and bears her testimony of the Restoration! And last time, her brother and husband were making fun of our lesson and she threw them out so we could teach in peace!

Our younger, single, Asian ward clerk invited us over for dinner and asked us to bring some Chinese Book of Mormons since he was having “a few friends” over. When we got to his house, he was still out picking up the food, but there were already some people inside. One of the guys was like, “Are you here for the party?” And we were like “…party?” And then over the next little while, people kept showing up and they were all students from China studying at Denver University. So pretty soon it was just this raging Asian party. We were seriously the only white people there. But it was really cool because they were all asking us questions about being missionaries and about the church, so we got to talk about the gospel a lot! And then finally the ward clerk came with the food (Chinese of course) and it was delicious, and then we went around and taught a few of the people we’d met about the Book of Mormon and gave them copies and got their information so the missionaries in their areas can teach them:) haha it was the best finding opportunity ever!

Last week, we were walking around this apartment complex back to our car to go to dinner. Then we saw this woman sitting on the curb who just looked so incredibly sad. We looked at each other because we were already going to be late to dinner, but we both felt super impressed to talk to her, so we did. We just prayed with her and talked a little bit about how much Heavenly Father loves us and about how we can find strength through prayer. I think it helped her. She gave us her address so we could talk with her more. Then yesterday we were able to see her again! She said she has really been praying a lot more, and she looked a lot happier. We talked with her about the Restoration of Christ’s gospel and how it helps us come to know God’s plan for us. She’s excited to read from the Book of Mormon and to keep meeting with us! I’m so glad we stopped to talk to her last week. The gospel brings so much peace and I just want everyone to feel it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! And find someone to share that peace of Christ with:)

Sister Stratford


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