Happy Memorial Day!

5k fashion
Hey everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

We had a fun time here because we did a 5K with all of the missionaries in the Denver North mission! I was afraid I might die, but fortunately I survived and enjoyed it too:D The theme was “Fit to the Finish” and our very own President Mendenhall spoke to us about what that means. He talked about being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit. I think that’s such an important thing. In order for the Lord to be able to work through us, we need to be a good instrument to work with, and that means being all of those kinds of fit.

We’re helping one of our investigators develop a testimony of President Monson as a living prophet of God, so I’ve been studying a lot of his talks lately from general conferences from the past few years. It’s been amazing to strengthen my testimony as well! I’m so grateful that we have prophets today. I know that the Lord still speaks through them to lead and guide His church.

Left Picture: Tracting fun. Oh the things you see as a missionary.

Right Picture: Last Thursday we were driving along and it was raining a little bit, and then we saw all the other cars start pulling off the road and parking under bridges and overpasses and such, as we were so confused, but then the hail started. It was probably the size of dimes. I had to look up and check the roof of the car to make sure the hail wasn’t denting it. Yeah all that white stuff you see on the ground is hail.

Well I have to go, but I’m grateful for all of your love and support! Have a beautiful week!

Sister Stratford:)


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