Spring is Here!!

Hey everyone,

It’s been beautiful and warm this week! And the sunshine has that certain feel to it that means summer is coming. I’m so excited:D (Since I’m saying this, it’s probably going to snow in 10 minutes.) Also since the weather here can never make up its mind, yesterday we had a little rainstorm with some real-live Colorado lightning. I’m hoping for more this week:D

P1020204This week, we mostly worked with less-active members. I love them:) There’s this one woman we’re teaching who is in her 90’s and hasn’t been active for most of her life. A year and a half ago, the sisters went by, found out she had never read the Book of Mormon before, and had her start right at the introduction. We’re still going:) It’s so wonderful to see her love of this book growing and growing each week. She LOVES it. She has her little red pencils she ordered from Deseret Book that she uses to mark her favorite verses. Each week, we ask her how the reading was, and each week she exclaims, “Oh I thought it was beautiful, just beautiful!” And guess what? Her reading assignment this week is Moroni 8-10, the very last part of the whole book!! She’s so excited to finish, but she’s even more excited to start it all over again:)

Sister Training Leaders Apr 2016
Sister Training Leaders

We also met with a family with several children who are in a Russian immersion program at school. It’s so cool to hear them speaking Russian to each other:) A while ago, Sister Wick and I had met a Russian gentleman who seemed interested in learning more, so we ordered a Russian Book of Mormon for him. Then Sister Smithson and I went to give it to him, and it turned out he already had one! So we asked this family if they wanted the Book of Mormon, and they did, so we went over yesterday and gave it to them and had a scripture study with them. They would read a verse in Russian and then in English, and it was awesome. They were soo excited and are planning to show it to their friends and teachers:)

We met with the less-active husband and investigator wife again! They have SO MANY QUESTIONS but it’s great that they’re not afraid to ask them:) They really want to understand and gain a testimony for themselves about the truth of the Book of Mormon, particularly the wife. She’s amazing and has such strong faith in God and the power of prayer, so I know that her answer will come:) Also at our last lesson she made us delicious brownies, so yeah we like her a lot.

This week we’ve been in Walgreens twice, and both times someone has come up to us and started talking to us about the church. Maybe we should just hang out in there.

Well I hope you all have had a wonderful week! If you haven’t watched all of conference yet, you should definitely check it out on lds.org!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here serving these people:) I love the Lord, and I love His work!

Sister Stratford:)


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