Sister Smithson and I!

Hi everyone!

This week was crazy busy!!

On Tuesday, two of the sisters I was serving with finished their missions!! So we had to figure out how to get them to the mission home, and then one of them cracked her tooth so that just made things more complicated. Sister Wick and I ended up sending her companion off with some other sisters, and then we took her to the dentist.

On exchanges, I got to go to a wildlife preserve and paint a gate!

She was bummed because all of the departing missionaries get to go to the temple on their last day, and she thought she was going to miss it. But her dental work finished pretty quickly, so we thought we could make it if we drove her straight to the temple. We told her we were going to an appointment and she could sleep in the car. She woke up as we were driving into the temple parking lot and screamed, “You lied to me!” and jumped out of the car and we sent her in. Then we just stood there a moment and soaked in the peace of the temple. No matter how crazy your day is, if you go to the temple and just stand there, even on the grounds, you can feel the Spirit. I know that the temple is the house of the Lord.

Colorado is so beautiful!

Wednesdays were transfers! Sister Wick went to Parker to train a brand-spankin-new missionary, and I got Sister Smithson! She was my sister training leader the whole time I was in Strasburg, and she is AMAZING!! I’m so excited to serve with her:)

Last week I met this recent convert who is awesome and I love him so much! He’s had some rough times lately, but he said he is ready to come back to church and to start reading the Book of Mormon again. And on Sunday he came to church for the first time in a long time! The gospel really is the best way to heal, and I’m excited to help him with that process.

We have a little recent convert girl, so for our Plan of Salvation lesson we had her and friends draw it out with chalk while we talked about it. So cute. 🙂

Since it was fast Sunday yesterday, I fasted for new investigators. And I later found out that Sister Smithson did too:) That afternoon while we were still fasting, we were trying some less-actives and no one was home. We were tired and hungry and not in the best mood, honestly. When we tried probably the fifth one and he wasn’t home, we saw a man down the street working in his yard. So we decided to go talk to him, and he let us share a message! And one of his best friends is LDS and they talk about the church all the time! We taught him about the Restoration and challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He said he would, and he also said he’d talk to his friend about it, and we’re going back later this week! It was a cool experience because if we hadn’t gone to talk to him, I don’t think we would have found a new investigator that day. Then we might have felt like our fasting and prayer wasn’t working. It just strengthened my testimony that we have to pray for blessings, but then we have to do all that’s in our power to get them. That’s when we see miracles:)

Sister Smithson and I got some seeds and some little pots and we really wanted to plant a garden, but we didn’t have any dirt. We looked around our apartment complex, but we couldn’t find any. Then Sister Smithson looked over that little wall again and found a bucket of dirt! We’re pretty sure it wasn’t there before and is miracle dirt. So we planted our garden and it was awesome:)

We drew the Plan of Salvation again in front of another member’s house.

Sharing the gospel is the best. I love it so much! I would invite all of you to pray for opportunities to share the gospel, look for those opportunities, and then have the courage to take them. I know that the Spirit will help you because this is the Lord’s work and He will always be with you when you’re doing your best to assist in the work of salvation.

I love you all!

Sister Stratford


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