Welcome to Thornton!

IMG_0169 (1)
The sisters in my district at Strasburg!

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Strasburg. It was sad, but I’m so grateful I was able to serve there. Now I’m in a city called Thornton. That’s like the north edge of the mission (Strasburg was the east edge). It is pretty darn weird to see people walking around all over the place and to have traffic and stuff! I’m in two wards, the Thornton ward and the Cherrywood ward (I was in church for 7 hours yesterday, including two ward councils). My companion is Sister Wick, and she served in Strasburg last spring/summer! So we talk about it a lot:) She’s a spunky little redhead with a strong testimony of missionary work. She actually joined the church a couple of years ago and is really able to understand how investigators feel since she was in the same boat. I know I’m going to learn a lot from her!

Thornton mapSister Wick and her previous companion lived with a member, but this transfer we’re in an apartment. So on Wednesday we got all moved in and cleaned everything up and it was great and then on Thursday… haha we found out that we had moved into the wrong apartment. Luckily the one we were in still belonged to the mission and they let us stay!!:)

We’re teaching the husband of a sister in the ward, and he’s going to be baptized on February 20! We had a lesson with him on Saturday, and he and his wife are super excited:) It’s so cool to see! The ward has been really awesome with giving them support and I’m so happy for their family:)

  With my new companion Sister Wick!

Well I don’t know where the time went today, but I need to go! I’m really excited to be in this area, and I know that it’s going to be a great transfer. I know that the Lord is preparing people here to accept His gospel, and I know that as I follow the Spirit I’ll be able to find them:)

I love you all!!

Sister Stratford


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