News, News, and more News! :)

P1010902Hi everyone!:)

So this week has been kind of crazy!! First of all, Sister Kastner was transferred today and now I’m follow-up training Sister Sherwood, who has only been out for six weeks!!! I’ve only been out for three months!!! I feel like I just got here, so it’s weird to be the senior companion!! But Sister Sherwood is awesome, and this transfer is going to be so much fun:) I’m going to have to rely on the Lord a LOT, but that’s a good thing so it will be fine:)

Four generations!! Sister Harker trained Sister Kastner, Sister Kastner trained me, and I’m follow-up training Sister Sherwood:) (Basically I’m a step-mom:D)

I’ve been thinking a lot about one of our investigators and the lessons we have with him. His lessons always have a lot of silence. It’s really cool. We’ll discuss something with him, and then we’ll just wait while he thinks about it. And after a minute he always has a really good thought or question about it. Sometimes it feels like we always need to be doing something, but it’s those quiet moments when we’re able to be taught by the Spirit. I’m trying to be better at listening to the promptings of the Spirit instead of just jumping in and trying something by myself. I know that sometimes it’s hard to feel the Spirit guiding you, but it gets easier as you practice:) I’ve had to get a lot better at listening to the Spirit as a missionary!

This is Sister Baker:) She made us adorable hats!!! And they are super super soft:)
This is Sister Baker:) She made us adorable hats!!! And they are super super soft:)

So the investigator I was talking about last time, T? We had another lesson with her, and it was amazing. I could not keep myself from grinning through the whole thing. She was talking about church, and she said she just had this warm feeling there, like a blanket was wrapped around her. We were just like, “Yup that’s the Spirit!!!” We had a really really good discussion about that and about baptism. She wants to be baptized!!!! We’re shooting for the beginning of January:) I’m so excited for her!!! She said the feeling at church was so strong, she felt light-headed. Sister Kastner and I sometimes talked about all of the people in the Book of Mormon who pass out from feeling the Spirit so strong, and then we would talk about what it would be like if our investigators did that, so we were like, “Whoaa.”

What would an email be without donkey pictures from Strasburg??
What would an email be without donkey pictures from Strasburg??

Oh haha last week we were at a less-active’s home, and her son was talking about this spicy stuff he loves called Satan’s Blood. It’s ghost pepper extract. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t), it is HOT. Sister Kastner wanted to try it, so she made me do it too. OH my goodness. At first it was like, “Hmm, this is spicy.” And then it completely enveloped everything and yeah it was CRAZY.


The elders trying Santa's Blood.
The elders trying Santa’s Blood.

So of course the family was like, “You should borrow this and give it to all the other missionaries in your district tomorrow.” So the next day at district meeting, that’s what we did. Grown men cried. Two of the elders suffered for a few minutes and then disappeared somewhere. When a couple other elders went out to find them, it turned out they were in the parking lot eating dirty, leaf-covered snow. Yup it was fun:D

I love love love the Colorado sky! :)
I love love love the Colorado sky! 🙂

If you haven’t seen the new Christmas video on, you should watch it! This time of year is so beautiful because of the focus on Christ. He is truly the light and the life of the world. When we follow His example and teachings, we are able to have joy and peace in our lives. I challenge you all to find a way to more fully center your lives on Jesus Christ this Christmas! I know you will see blessings through this. I am so grateful for Him, and I feel His love for me everyday:)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you all for your support:)

Sister Stratford


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