More Pictures from Strasburg!

My new companion Sister Sherwood and I!   P1010884

Left Picture: Sister Sherwood and I! 🙂

P1010893   P1010894

Right Picture: These little guys are named Tom and Jerry. They’re not babies, but they’re the tiniest things!!

P1010899   P1010901

Left Picture: Have you ever seen roasted chestnuts? There was a Christmas party all along the main street in Strasburg, and some people had a fire and were roasting chestnuts and giving them to people. They were so yummy:)

Right Picture: Sister Smithson and Sister Harker! They were our Sister Training Leaders this past transfer, which means they took care of the sisters in the zone:) Sister Harker trained Sister Kastner for the three months before I got here. And Sister Smithson is Sister Kastner’s new companion!:)


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