Temples and Sore Throats and Transfers and Such

cutecompsHi everyone!!:)

It was a great week!!

We’ve been using the BofM as a finding approach lately. So when we’re knocking on doors or when we talk to someone on the street, we’ll introduce ourselves as missionaries and then ask them what they know about the BofM. I love this because it instantly lets the person know exactly what religion this is, and then also they tell us what they already know and feel about it. Which sometimes they have bad feelings about it, but then we can address their concerns right then and there. And by starting with the BofM, they understand how important it is. You have to have a testimony of the BofM in order to have a testimony that this is truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Period. End of story. You can’t believe in the church but not the BofM. So we’re really focusing on helping people understand that and Moroni’s promise in Moroni 10:4. If they read the BofM and pray about it sincerely, with real intent, and with faith in Christ, they WILL receive the answer that it’s true. And if it’s true, then this is truly Christ’s church, and if this is Christ’s church, they need to be baptized. BAM.


Wednesday we went to the temple!! I love the temple:) I love how peaceful and close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ I feel there. It’s such a sacred, holy feeling. I love how on the front of the temple it says, “Holiness to the Lord. The House of the Lord.” I know that the temple is truly the house of the Lord! He is there. He walks those hallways. The temple is a place where we learn about Him and promise to follow Him. We receive so many blessings from going to the temple:)

Our sink kept clogging up and Sister Kastner decided to take matters into her own hands.

Also I gave a training in district meeting! It went pretty well. It was about making changes in our lives that stick. This is something I’m working on, because it seems like I have all of these things I want to do better, so I’ll start doing something for a day and then it will end up only lasting a day. It’s so hard! It reminds me of Nephi’s psalm in 2 Ne 4 when he’s talking about “the temptations and sins that do so easily beset me.” That gives me a lot of hope because I mean this is Nephi we’re talking about, and I thought he was pretty much perfect! But ALL of us have things that are really tough for us. Every single one of us. But that’s all provided for in God’s plan because He knew that this would happen. And so through Jesus Christ (just like Nephi talks about later in the chapter), we are able to overcome those things and make those changes that will help us become more like Christ. And the practical application I talked about in the training was that we need to write down the changes we want to make, and we need to pick one to focus on. Because when I see everything I need to do, I get overwhelmed and do none of them:) And after you pick one, you decide why it’s important that you do it, and then you make yourself accountable to someone so they can follow up, and then you work on it for one week! That’s how I think it basically works, at least. I’ll still experimenting on it, but it seems to work:)

flowersSo then…….we got sick. Really bad sore throats. Like I couldn’t swallow or talk without feeling like scorpions were dancing to la cucaracha in my throat and stinging me ecstatically. (I know cucaracha means cockroach, not scorpion, but these were definitely scorpions.) Sooo that was fun. We had to stay at the apartment that day and almost all of Friday as well. We were super popular though. Like all the other missionaries were texting us jokes and calling us and stuff. But we felt sorry for ourselves since Strasburg was too far away for them to actually visit us, so we bought ourselves flowers. They’re super pretty:) At first it was actually kind of nice to have a break from working since missionaries NEVER have breaks, but after a little while it got really really really boring. So it was awesome to go back to work 🙂

Today is transfer day! Sister Kastner and I are both staying!!:) It’s funny because Sister Kastner started her mission here and as soon as she finished being trained, she became my trainer. So we’re both like new missionaries who don’t know anything about the rest of the mission areas:) Haha but we have sooo much fun together and laugh all the time. Like when we’re tracting we’ll be snapping and singing and stuff:) Our leadership calls us the Smiley Strasburg Sisters. candyposterSpeaking of leadership… we’re losing our district leader and our zone leaders:( One of the zone leaders, Elder Craggs, finished his mission and is going home today, and the other zone leader Elder Larsen and our district leader Elder Mourino are being transferred. All three of them are seriously some of the funniest people I know as well as some of the best leaders I’ve had, and I’m going to miss them! So yeah Sister Kastner and I were kind of best friends with the zone leaders and we were really scared that the new ones would be super solemn and not fun, so we didn’t know what to do. But luckily we remembered we’re hilarious and we can just make them love us, so we made this poster for them:) We’re going to meet them tomorrow!

Well I have to go but I hope all of you have a great week!! The gospel’s true. Live it. Share it. It’s awesome:)

Sister Stratford


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