Wait, the transfer’s almost over? Whaaat?

Day 1 in Colorado
Day 1 in Colorado

Hi everyone!:)

I can’t believe that the transfer is almost over. It’s so crazy! They say that the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days, and it’s true!

Sister Kastner and I are enjoying warm, sunny days. But we’re a little apprehensive because this is what we’re used to, being from California, but everyone keeps telling us that it’s so weird it’s not snowing yet and we should prepare for blizzards and such. Hopefully that won’t happen for a little while longer!:)

P1010743This week was slower than other weeks have been, but we still got to meet a lot of amazing people:) We’ve been going through the less actives on the ward list and meeting them. They’re awesome! I love them all so much:) For the most part, they know how much the gospel will bless their lives if they live it fully. They just need a lot of love and support.

Our district wore pink to the zone conference.

We had zone conference this week! I loved it!! Zone conference is every three months and it includes a few zones, so there are a LOT of missionaries! Sister Kastner and I get a little lonely for missionary company out here. Every time we see an incoming call from other missionaries, we get really, really excited haha:) It’s kind of easy to feel like we’re the only missionaries in the world! So zone conference is awesome!!!!:) And I got to see a couple people from my MTC district, so that was great! We had trainings from the AP’s and from President and Sister Mendenhall. One thing I really liked was a training about asking inspired questions. I want to be better at that!

Sister Smithson, Me, Sister Katsner, Sister Hudson
Sister Smithson, Me, Sister Katsner, Sister Hudson

When we ask investigators the right questions, they think about the doctrine and figure things out on their own, and then the Spirit is able to testify to them more. It’s amazing! I also liked something President Mendenhall said about exact obedience versus full obedience. Exact obedience is necessary, but full obedience requires that you change your nature instead of just your behavior. I’m trying to be more fully obedient!:)

I love President and Sister Mendenhall so much, by the way:D They’re so great!!

Day 1 in Colorado
Day 1 in Colorado

Oh I went on exchanges for the first time! I actually went with my grandmother, Sister Harker (she’s my trainer’s trainer!). So we were in Aurora, which is more in the city and it was very strange. I kind of felt like a country bumpkin or something because I was like “WHOA CARS. LOOK AT THE CARS. AND PEOPLE THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE.” We did service at a homeless shelter, which was awesome (I’m a pro at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches now), tracted for a while (everyone was really open and a lady even ushered us inside and let us teach her a lesson in her home!), and visited some potential investigators and less actives. It was great! But I was also glad to get back to Strasburg:)

Also we get to go to the temple this week!! Yay!!:)

This is our cilantro plant, Subash! We planted him a few weeks ago. He's getting so big. *sniff* They grow up so fast.
This is our cilantro plant, Subash! We planted him a few weeks ago. He’s getting so big. *sniff* They grow up so fast.

And a couple days ago, we were talking to our district leader on the phone and he asked us what we wanted to learn about in district meeting this week, and I said I wanted to know how to make changes in my life that actually stick instead of doing them for a day and then giving up, and he said, “Great! Will you do a training on that?” Sooo I’m giving a training in district meeting, which is scary, but also I’m kind of excited!:)

So that’s basically what happened this week!:) I love you all and hope you are doing well!:)

Sister Stratford


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