I’m Going to Colorado!


So this is just a quick email to say that I’m leaving Monday morning! I am so excited to go to Colorado!! It’s crazy that it’s so close. Monday is just two days away!!! But I have to say that I am going to miss the MTC. It was so sad to say goodbye to my teachers today! Sister Thompson and Brother Scherck are AMAZING and I learned so much from them and felt the Spirit so strongly.

Yesterday was one of our best lessons yet! We taught an inactive member, Jan, who fell away from the church soon after she was baptized. It was a great lesson because we really tried to understand where she was coming from and teach her exactly what would help her in her life, and by the end, we loved her so much and the Spirit was so strong!

Then when we were teaching our investigator Erika that night, she told us she much preferred Satan’s plan. More than once. So, that was a little disappointing, but at least she felt our love for her.

Today we taught our progressing investigator Ryan, and last time we taught him he was super apathetic and sleepy, so this time we asked him lots of questions, especially ones that helped him examine his own relationship with Heavenly Father and how having a stronger relationship would help him with his challenges in life. And he was acting totally different! He really was interested in the lesson, and I could tell he felt the Spirit teaching him. And I felt a much greater love for him than I did last time since I was trying so hard to understand what he needed.

I love Sister Choo and the rest of my district more than I thought was possible from just a week and a half together. It’s amazing to see how much the MTC is changing all of us. It seems kind of cruel to split us up, half to Denver and half to Washington, after learning so much together, but we all exchanged emails and we’re going to keep in touch:)

All in all, I am learning a TON. There are definitely hard things about being here, but it is completely worth it. I’m so excited to go to Colorado and use all of this amazing knowledge I’m collecting! And it’s not just knowledge. I have truly become more converted, and I hope that I can become even more converted every day for the rest of my life! I know that Heavenly Father loves me and is with me. I could not do this without Him! Jesus Christ is my Savior, and every person on earth can find what they need by coming to Him. That’s why I’m out here:)

I love you all SO much!!! Thank you for all of your love and support, and have a fantastic week!!!!


Sister Stratford


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